Rogue Development

Rogue Development excels in real estate site development services by exhibiting maverick-like behavior and avoiding the status quo.


Rogue will provide consultation to the owner/developer regarding any requested elements in the development process.

Consulting services could include, but are not necessarily limited to: input on concept and design, site analysis and selection, review of real estate contracts, market analysis, review of cost analysis and pro-formas, review of contractors' bids, assisting in entitlement/permitting, and review of marketing/leasing plan. This service is best utilized by owners/developers who plan on taking an active role in developing their projects, but would like the benefit of professional, objective advice on an as-needed basis.

Development consulting services are provided on an hourly fee basis, affording great flexibility to the owner/developer. Rogue Development consulting fees range from $200 - $300 per hour, depending on the anticipated scope of involvement. Our Development Consulting Agreement is cancel-able upon notice if, for any reason, you do not feel we are bringing value to your project.

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