Rogue Development

Rogue Development excels in real estate site development services by exhibiting maverick-like behavior and avoiding the status quo.

Build-to-Suit Development

Rogue focuses on developing small and medium-sized commercial projects.

We believe the key to successful commercial development is to understand the specific trade area, the dynamics of each site, and the tenant demand for the product being developed. Rogue relies on its relationships with national retailers, restaurants, and brokers to evaluate market conditions and to design a product that fits a specific trade area. We have substantial experience with ground-up development, along with retrofit and expansion of existing structures. Furthermore, Rogue possesses an extensive history of re-mediating hydro-carbon contamination and has successfully re-developed multiple contaminated gas station properties across the U.S.

Rogue follows a proactive approach to entitling and constructing its projects.

Enormous value can be created or lost depending on how the entitlements are negotiated and how the plans are designed. Rogue has a solid history for managing the consultants needed to develop project documents and the processes required to obtain approvals and permits. The majority of cost overages and time delays during construction can be attributed to poorly developed construction documents and poorly negotiated contracts with the architect and general contractor. We competitively bid each project and manage the consultants and contractors through the life of a project.

Rogue has a vast knowledge of selecting sites and negotiating the various components of a commercial project.

Selecting the right location and negotiating the right land deal is critical to having a successful development. Our vigilant selection of the right site requires an in-depth market knowledge and understanding of traffic patterns, demographics, zoning, engineering, shopping trends, political environment, and public/private finance.

We take great pride in our ability to negotiate deals with land sellers, tenants, contractors, consultants, and city officials.

We’ve learned to negotiate effectively by having a thorough grasp of the devil in the detail, while bringing to the table a complete understanding of deal fundamentals. And, with our history in the business, we're able to incorporate the wisdom derived from past experiences into the transaction. Rogue’s success in the client-driven BTS business comes from truly understanding each client’s facility, site parameters, and development objectives.

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